Rydim has been stirring up dance floors and releasing records across the world since 2002. Since his late teens he’s been producing House, Techno and everything in between under a variety of pseudonyms, before his sound grew towards deeper, rougher house/ and groovy techno.

Early success introduced Rydim’s production skills and unique melodies to a wide new range of electronic audiences. His tours have included the electronic scene's most prestigious clubs, such as: Panoramabar/Berghain (Berlin), Watergate (Berlin), Womb (Tokyo), Revolver Club (Melbourne), Trouw (Amsterdam), Speed Club (Chennai, India), Keva (Dubai), Pratersauna (Vienna), Kazantip Festival (Ukraine) where his iron grooves and energetic DJ sets have made him a favourite for party goers globally.
2013 has seen his latest alias, Rydim deliver releases for an enviable roster of labels including Tsuba, Just Jack and BTAIM.
As a remixer, the Rostock born man is hugely committed to pushing the boundaries of the house/techno sound with his renowned and respected studio work. He continues to work on his solo releases, simultaneously collaborating with 2 friends in a popular but hush-hush act currently taking the scene by storm.


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