During the 90s John Osborn cut his techno teeth in his home city of London. He then moved to Berlin in 1999, and it was here that his DJ career started to intensify. John has now been DJ-ing for 20 years and has crafted a deep dubby, house and techno style which has been turning heads and moving feet on the international circuit. From his well documented sets at Berlin’s Panorama Bar to exquisite podcasts for Little White Earbuds, Clubberia, mnml ssgs, Sound Of Thought and Mody er: Process Series the dance world has woken up to his unique sound. In a time when artists have relied heavily on studio productions to steer their DJ careers, the power, groove and intensity of John’s DJ sets have allowed him to win over the masses without releasing a million mediocre records.

In Berlin John curated successful TANSTAAFL nights at Tresor & Cookies between 2010- 2013 with dynamic, forward thinking line ups. He was also a resident at the SUB:STANCE Berghain events where he has crafted many magical sets, such as the now infamous b2b sets with Scuba and nd_baumecker.

Through these residencies in Berlin John learnt quickly how to become an excellent DJ. By making people dance throughout his sets, that often lasted the whole night long,
on a regular basis. His stylistic choices, technical versatility and experience based on countless nights discovering ways to navigate a crowd through his own musical stories at his command have been tuned to a very high standard.

Due to his increasingly hectic DJ schedule John now no longer runs the TANSTAAFL nights in Berlin but is still a regular xture in Panorama Bar. Although a few surprise locations will showcase the label later in 2016.

John is also the owner of TANSTAAFL PLANETS, a label born out of his collaboration with October. (TANSTAAFL is an acronym for There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch).
His rst ever release gave John an underground hit with ‘Epoch4′ bouncing of the walls
in clubs all over the world. The label TANSTAAFL PLANETS is now ve releases old,

With sell-out club tracks from KEL (Skudge), TALLMEN785, Henning Baer John Daly, Bill Youngman and Joey Anderson. 2016 sees the nal realse on this PLANETS series and later in the year will see the birth of TANSTAAFL DRED. This new series will be ten 10" vinyl releases of mutant disco dub techno.

John break the international circuit with acclaimed gigs in North America and extensive tours in Asia including his debut gig at the worlds most highly regarded festival, The Labyrinth in Japan where John proved his skills and nesse as a DJ to the most educated and advanced electronic music crowd in the world.

John really is a rare artist with a deep and truly honest understanding of the dance floor and machine made music.


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John Osborn