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Jennifer Touch offers a unique sound that really stands out in the saturated world of electronica. In her electro tracks, a hidden spirit of the early 80's plugged in. Drawing from (Synth)Wave, Techno and disco influences, she is reinventing them with a rare essence that leaves the listener wanting more. Uniquely, Jennifer Touch’s comprehension of former decades is empathic and all the more devoted to the faithful studies of receding sound eras. A kind of music that sticks in your head long after listening is characteristic of her style, which is at home on the dancefloor and off.

As DJ, Jennifer Touch showcases a deep passion for various strains of electronic music. Always looking for good company of Electro, Techno, Detroit and Ghetto House, she is inspired by the Sound of L.I.E.S. Records.

She launched her own EP „Feeling C“ (Riotvan) in 2016 and released her „Kid Remix“ on the recent OR*S Remix Compilation. In the last years, she performed several live sets, including Institut für Zukunft (Leipzig), :// about blank (Berlin) or Golem (Hamburg).


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Jennifer Touch