Carl Finlow



Began making music with computers in 1986. First real record was Moments of Inertia by Circle City on Warp. 1990’s - Co founder and producer for UK based 2020 Vision label and major releases as Random Factor.

Released on labels including Thomas Heckmann's Trope Recordings. Sony, Warp, Soma, Playhouse, Klang, Novamute, Arista...

Remixing artists from around the globe including Blaze, Josh Wink, Superman Lovers, Fatboy Slim, Luke Slater, Dave Tipper, Two Lone Swordsmen.

Worked under many names including Voice Stealer, with the critically acclaimed All Electric House album, Scarletron with SCSI-AV label boss Daz Quayle and as Silicon Scally, with multiple albums and EP’s on both SCSI-AV, Satamile and more recently with self released works on Bandcamp.

Has also worked under his own name Carl Finlow with multiple releases including Electrilogy+, with several follow up EP’s on labels including Electrix Records, Bass Agenda Recordings, Craigie Knowes, and the most recent being The Lure of Perfection on Bandcamp. He has toured the world playing from Japan to Moscow, America to Australia, and many European cities.

Also involved with writing library music for broadcast and in collaboration with Deep East Music has had pieces used on radio and tv around the world, including for the BBC, National Geographic and Japanese General & Broadcasting.

Andrew Weatherall "For quite a number of years now I have been convinced that Mr Finlow is a conduit for musical transmissions beamed from a parallel universe, sometime in the future”.


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